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Mainely Veterinary Dentistry is the first dentistry only practice for cats and dogs in Maine and is located in Windham, Maine.

Welcome to Mainely Veterinary Dentistry! MVD is a veterinary dentistry only practice located in Windham, Maine on Roosevelt Trail (Route 302).  We are committed to improving the overall dental health of cats and dogs in Maine and beyond.  We hope that by providing this service we can encourage more routine dental care for cats and dogs.  We see patients both on a DVM referral and pet-owner self referral basis.

Mainely Veterinary Dentistry provides prompt diagnosis and treatment of common oral and dental disease problems.  We also believe in, and advocate for, routine annual comprehensive oral health assessments and treatments (COHATs) for cats and dogs.  Some patients may even need this service every 6 months to prevent dental disease from progressing.  We encourage dental homecare and educate owners on the best options for their pet; however, a proper oral exam cannot be performed on an awake animal and 2/3rds of the pet’s tooth is under the gumline.  Dental xrays ensure that we do not miss any problems that could otherwise go unseen.

A thorough exam, including an oral exam, and review of the patient’s medical history is performed at the dental consultation appointment prior to scheduling a procedure with us.  This ensures that all parties have the information necessary to safely and properly treat the pet’s oral health.  See below to request a dentistry consult and thank you for considering us for your pet’s oral health needs.

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For Pet Owners

Do you have a pet that is suffering from dental disease? Or maybe you just want to have an assessment of your pets teeth because it has never been done before or it is well overdue.

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For Veterinarians

We all know how frustrating some dentistry can be. Not all dental cases are simple and some can even become quite complicated. This can get even more complicated when trying to manage all of the other busy tasks necessary of general practice including preventative care, surgery, and internal medicine.

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About Dr. Keaten


Practice Limited to Dentistry, Owner

Dedicated to veterinary oral health and preventive care

Dr. Jennifer Keaten grew up in Fryeburg, Maine and graduated from Fryeburg Academy in 2000. She studied biology at Saint Michael’s College in Burlington, VT and initially pursued a career in wildlife and environmental ecology. In 2006, Dr. Keaten was introduced to the world of veterinary medicine when she took a job at Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital. She was trained to be a veterinary technician and quickly fell in the love with the field. It was in these early stages that she developed her passion for veterinary dentistry and preventive medicine and was fortunate to work at a veterinary hospital that practiced progressive medicine and had digital dental x-rays earlier than most hospitals.

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Dental Services Include

These are some of the services that Mainely Veterinary Dentistry offers.
Please contact us if you have questions about what we can do for you or your pet.

  1. Professional Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT)
  2. Oral surgery- Tooth extractions
  3. Oral surgery- Tumor resection
  4. Tooth Restorations: Composite and Bonding
  5. Guided tissue regeneration/Bone graft
  6. Gingival Hyperplasia Resection
  7. Stomatitis: Feline Gingivostomatitis or Canine Chronic Ulcerative Stomatitis (CCUS)
  8. Dental Malocclusions
  9. Dentigerous and Radicular cyst removal/repair
  10. Cleft palate repair